Choosing the best foundation for sensitive & eczema-prone skin

Make-up is an absolute minefield for someone with sensitive skin.

Whilst I've never been overly into make-up - growing up with two brothers it was the least of my worries - I enjoy getting dressed up as much as the next girl. I like false eyelashes, I like glittery eyeshadows and I'm getting into the scary world of lipsticks. The problem is, your skin is most of your face - look in the mirror, it's all over your face. Eczema-prone skin means dry, scaly skin. What I would give to be able to simply cover it with foundation; paint over it and forget it exists until the end of the night. However, it's not quite that simple.

Whilst doing its best to cover your blemishes, foundation has a way of highlighting them at the same time. None more so than flaky cracks in your face. So although this is a post about finding a suitable foundation for eczema skin, the best advice I could give would be to LET YOUR FACE BE NAKED. 

This is something I'm getting better at in my old and wise mid-twenties but it is a mental obstacle that takes a while to overcome. When you're bombarded with images of flawless, dulux-paint-airbrushed skin every day, it is difficult to see the beauty in a pale, uneven complexion with patches of dry skin, spots or scars. That being said, on the days I wake up and don't feel like I need to take sandpaper to my face, it is such a joy to be able to go about my day without a layer of warpaint on.

So aim for nothing - just a simple layer of moisturiser - but for the days that just won't do, here's what I've come up with...

10 reasons Lorelai Gilmore is my spirit animal

In this "more time on my hands" period of my life, I have turned to an old flame to help me through... Gilmore Girls.

Thanks to Netflix, all seven seasons are available to watch and I am gearing myself for the revival (Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life) which will be out this November. 

Watching Gilmore Girls is like having a warm hug followed by a mug full of hot chocolate and marshmallows. It's pure joy. What I wouldn't give to live in Stars Hollow and visit Luke's every morning for coffee. 

Whilst Rory is my style icon...

...Lorelai is most certainly my spirit animal.

Here are a mere 10 reasons why:

1. She knows how to live my kind of healthy lifestyle.


2. She knows how to start the day right.


3. And what happens if you don't start the day right.


4. She gives great dating advice.


5. She's got her priorities sorted.


6. Like I said...priorities.


7. She shows me what it is to be a good mother.


8. We have very similar flirting techniques.


9. She daydreams about celebrity friends, just like me. N.B. Do you think Lauren Graham would like me?


10. Priorities. Food.


I love you Lorelai.

Back to blogging

Turns out I’m a highly intermittent blogger. How some people turn this into a profession I’ll never know - my life is simply not all that interesting.

However, I do now find myself with a bit of extra time on my hands and nagging need to be writing. So I’m back to it for now.

None of these things are mine. Setting the tone though right?
Life is a little different compared to the last post. I am now living in London and pursuing a career in the vague world of media. I am also now an auntie, a fact which still makes me beam, almost 10 months after the fact. As I write this, little Charlie (plus his mum and dad) will be visiting the UK in a couple of weeks and I am incredibly excited.

Now to the skin; things have changed quite a lot and at the same time not much at all. What I knew last November is that I was allergic to nuts and that I had to avoid a particular chemical in my toiletries in order to stop a painful reaction. What I have learnt since is that I am not (wholly) allergic to nuts but that the chemical is still to be avoided. 

At the end of March, having waited 7 months for the appointment, I went to Southampton hospital to have a prick test done. No this doesn’t involve being locked in a room with Justin Bieber - geddit? It in fact is a simple poke it and wait test to see what my skin reacts to. After talking through with the doctor my potential allergens, the nurse then dropped a solution of each onto my skin before pricking it. I waited outside the office for 15 minutes enjoying the welcome distraction of my mother and father embarrassing me as my arm began to become intensely itchy. The nurse then measured each of the bumps on my arm, noting them down if they were over 1cm in circumference. And thus my allergens were discovered: cat hair, dog hair, tree pollen, birch pollen, grass pollen, dust mites, hazelnuts and almonds. Oh and MI - the chemical.

I was pleased to find out specifically what my skin reacts to, but disappointed to discover there wasn’t much I could do about it. I’m essentially one of those kids that would’ve been killed off in Victorian times but medical developments have meant I’ve ended up surviving.

So it is all about management. I guess if I was attempting to pass on wisdom from my skin experiences it would be that you need to be constantly managing your skin. If you start a routine, stick to it. I get very quickly bored of sticking to routines (blogging = example number one) and so am still trying to follow my own advice, but I really do notice the difference when I try. 

My other piece of advice is to try EVERYTHING. I am a firm believer that everyone’s skin and skin issues are unique and one blanket “miracle” cream will not work for everyone. What may be so wonderful it becomes the subject of a Daily Mail article for one person, will do absolute zilch for me… but it’s worth a try. There’s got to be a miracle cream out there for me and I’ll find it eventually. 

I may do a post on make-up for eczema skin soon as it is something I am still patiently waiting to see in a national magazine. It’s an incredibly common condition and I know I would benefit from seeing the high-street and the high-end tried and tested for those who suffer from it.

Watch this space.

The Human Dot-to-Dot

Big slapped wrist for not updating for far too long. Apologies to all my regular readers (har har har – I have no regular readers).

Look here's a puppy to make up for it.

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Skin Update

To keep in line with why I actually started this blog I thought I should provide an update on what is happening with my skin.

The return.

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Honey I'm home. 

It's so damn nice to be back. Nothing beats a British summer and so far, apart from the hay-fever, I am very much enjoying this one.

Sandy toes are happy toes.

Today marks exactly two weeks until we fly home and, as much as I am looking forward to ol' Blighty, I am really getting used to this lifestyle now. It doesn't take long out here for you to understand why some people go travelling and never come back.